Ministry Spotlight: H2O Kids

h20 kids logo dark colorsH2O is the children’s ministry of Watermark Church. Lauren Cooper guides the H2O Crew of youth and adult volunteers as they love on and present the Bible to Watermark kids birth-5th grade.  Lauren believes strongly that children’s ministry is not just a babysitting service and her team brings the Bible alive at an age-appropriate level to Watermark kids every week, starting with Genesis, through games, songs, and crafts. Lauren says, “H2O kids are journeying through the Bible. With school starting shortly we have taken a detour into Ephesians 6 to talk about how the children can use the armor of God during their time at school. I want the children to know that learning God’s word is fun!”

Each week,  one youth and at least one adult volunteer miss the sermon to teach our kids about Jesus. The good news is that we are now filming the teaching each week, so volunteers can go back and watch it. There really is no excuse not to get involved with H2O Kids anymore!

If you would like to volunteer with H2O, email or fill out the form below.

(Youth volunteers must be 6th grade and older. All volunteers may be subjected to an application process and background check, to ensure our kids safety.)


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