Meet Lauren Cooper

imageMeet Lauren Cooper. Lauren has filled many roles at Watermark and is currently serving as the Crew Leader for H2O, the children’s ministry of Watermark, serving kids through 5th grade. Lauren is a Swansboro native, attended William Peace University in Raleigh, and works as a preschool teacher. When Lauren isn’t working with kids she enjoys riding horses. Next time you see Lauren, introduce yourself and thank her for all she does for the families of Watermark. #WeAreWatermarkChurchNC

Meet Christina Ramirez

Christina RamierezMeet Christina Ramirez. Christina is the Crew Leader for Media, the crew that handles all the lights, sound, and digital displays during services. Christina is married to Anthony and they are moving into a new house in August. When Christina isn’t behind a sound board she works at Barnes & Noble and enjoys all kinds of “geeky” pursuits, including cosplay. Next time you see Christina introduce yourself and thank her for all she does for Watermark! ‪#‎WeAreWatermarkChurchNC‬

Meet Russ Houle

Russ HouleMeet Russ Houle. Russ is Watermark’s Set-up/Tear-Down Crew Leader. Each week Russ leads a team of people in putting together and taking down all the Watermark set at the rec center. Russ, a police officer, is married to Shawna and they have three daughters. When he isn’t working or serving Watermark, Russ enjoys spending time with his family and camping. Next time you see Russ, take a minute to introduce yourself and thank him for all he does for the people of Watermark. ‪#‎WeAreWatermarkChurchNC‬